At, our Digital Modelling and 3D team is motivated to deliver high quality CAD Data. Our services which range from the early concept sketch phase through to final CAD data encompassing the development throughout this process. We also cover a wide variety of design disciplines:

Transport design: Automotive, public transport, marine, and aerospace.

Product design: End consumer products such as electronics, furniture, appliances, and jewelry

CAS Modelling & Class A Modelling

CAS Modelling

  • Sketch Modeling – We Work closely with designers to realize their 2D sketches into tangible 3D form for product review and development.
  • Scan Modelling – Our team can take meshes, 3D scans, and complex geometry for resurfacing to a higher standard.

Class A Modelling

  • We provide engineered surface data that is feasible and tested.
  • Final data for creating product imagery and for product roll out.

Parametric Modelling

Unique Design Solutions

  • Using the power of Grasshopper and parametric modelling we can offer unique design ideas and 3D data for any types of products.
  • Structures based on mathematical data to used develop lightweight yet strong solutions.

Fast Design Revisions

  • Utilizing algorithms allows for quick and easy changes to the data granting you the chance to try various different solutions faster.


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