Our Design team consists of multidisciplinary people, comprising of researchers, strategists, transport, product, UX (User Experience) , UI (User Interface) designers and model makers. Our track record of transforming ideas into reality stretches back over 5 years.

We work together with teams to show what can be possible, helping you decide what’s right for your business and how to translate that into a functional product along side both physical and digital experiences that help the business thrive. We offer hard-nosed imagination from our talented multidisciplinary team who cumulatively have the experience, expertise, and capability assist you in your design projects.

Industrial Design

We create beautiful products that solve problems. Delivering delightful experiences for your customers and added value to your business.

  • Transport Design –  We integrate the product, brand, services and the environment into functional and seamless experiences for end users and passengers alike.
  • Product Design –  We create innovative strategies and products that take you on a journey by delivering unexpected solutions for current and future design issues.

Graphic Design, Branding, UI, & UX

At IDV.design we understand branding and how it could be translated into the physical and digital form with key features desired by your brand’s customers and their user experience.

  • Flatwork – Combining the power of our digital and visualization team, we can offer a unified approach to creating desirable 2D and 3D material for use in magazines, websites, posters, and other mediums.
  • UI & UX – We create and organize intuitive layouts for use in digital media, whether that be websites, apps, or to be used in products.


Email us at info@idv.design or use the form below